Infrastructure Intelligence

Cloud-based data management system.

Infrastructure Intelligence (II) is the cloud solution developed and operated by DYWIDAG SaaS Technology Group. Infrastructure Intelligence delivers a high availability, scalable solution that is used by leading construction companies, asset owners and engineers to meet all their data management, visualisation and reporting needs.

Comprehensive information at your fingertips

Configure a high quality monitoring scheme from your web browser: Track and measure temperature, weather, impact and movement, helping you anticipate and mitigate risk.

Implement an early response alarm system: Based on agreed protocols with clear alerts and an escalating alarm system supported by real time updates and a 24/7 control centre.

Get real time contextualised data: Infrastructure Intelligence continuously processes thousands of data points every 30 seconds from high tech sensors and 3rd party data sources.

Run intelligent reporting in real time from any device: Track and identify reactive and proactive mitigation issues with personalised stakeholder views and adjustable charts & tables.

  • Create multi-layered user profiles with customisable permissions

  • Simplified data transfer with automated connectivity

  • Quick and easy addition of manual data

  • In-depth project breakdown structure to reduce complexity

  • Powerful and intuitive project dashboard

  • Visual representation of data

  • Automated notifications to multiple users via email or SMS

  • Interactive charting engine

Support Portal

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