• 1865

    How it all began

    In 1865, son and father-in-law Eugen Dyckerhoff and Gottlieb Widmann began working together.

    How it all began
  • 1880

    Our bridge-building legacy

    In the 1880s, their factory developed into a construction company, which specialized in bridge building.

    Our bridge-building legacy
  • 1903

    Our technology and expertise

    In 1903, after a period of growth and R&D, they reinforced a concrete railway bridge with steel technology that would become the DYWIDAG Threadbar™

    Our technology and expertise
  • 1970

    Geotechnics on a global scale

    In the 1970s, DYWIDAG expanded into geotechnics to strengthen urban foundations—supporting rapid population growth.

    Geotechnics on a global scale
  • DYWIDAG today?

Frédéric Guitard,

Cable Stayed Bridge Area Manager, Signature on St. Lawrence Construction JV

Despite the unique construction challenges we faced, DYWIDAG addressed them all on time— in very practical, well-thought-out, and easy-to-implement ways.


We’re working on 100+ projects in 50+ countries around the world, making the world's infrastructure safer, one project at a time.



We provide flexible load-bearing capabilities for the world's most demanding environments.



We make static assets responsive, through the configuration of smart bars, strands, and systems.

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For today and tomorrow

For today and tomorrow

With our technology in 90% of the global hybrid wind tower market, we’re working towards a more sustainable world.