DYWIDAG Threadbar Soil Nail

Quick and cost-effective slope stabilisation.

DYWIDAG Threadbar Soil Nails offer a rapid and economical method for stabilizing slopes and battered cuttings, often being more cost-effective than installing traditional excavation supports.

Available for any length of service life, the DYWIDAG Threadbar Soil Nails are a passive system suitable for installation where open hole drilling and grouting is possible. The compact design is suitable for areas where access is restricted and can be used for both temporary and permanent applications.

  • Top-down construction for faster installation times

  • Less expensive construction costs versus tieback walls with soldier beams and lagging

  • Can be used for temporary and permanent applications

  • Simple components and assembly, accelerating construction time

  • Easy to install and test

  • Durable full-length threads allow for cutting and coupling the bar at any point along its length, for easy on-site length adjustments

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: Gewi 500/550, Gewi 555/700, Gewi Plus 670/800​

North America: Reinforcing Steel Grade 75, 80 & 100


  • Bearing plates with nuts and angle compensation

  • Borehole centralizers/spacers

  • Tremie tubes for borehole grouting from bottom up

  • Post-grouting tubes complete with TAM (tube à manchette) valves for bond stress enhancement

  • Rigid or hinged lifting shackles for suspending bars

  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP), Galvanized or Epoxy coated options for bars and hardware

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings