Innovative Solutions for Precast Concrete Viaducts

Many viaducts in the Netherlands are built using precast concrete elements. This type of structure is well suited for locations with high traffic volume, limited space and very short construction times. The prefabricated girders are often installed during the night in order to minimize obstruction to traffic.


SPANBETON is a well-known Dutch precast concrete manufacturer that specializes in precast pre-stressed box-girders used primarily for long span viaducts. These girders are integrated into viaducts using transverse post-tensioning tendons. DYWIDAG has been co-operating with SPANBETON for more than 40 years and has delivered transverse DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons for many projects.

The large Ridderster and Vaanplein fly-overs near Rotterdam are among the largest projects executed by SPANBETON and DYWIDAG. These projects required the use of up to 1.40m high SKK box-girders for single spans of up to 40 meters.

Motorways are getting wider and wider. That is why the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the Rijkswaterstaat, started looking for solutions for slender viaducts with even larger spans.

This has been recognized by SPANBETON and DYWIDAG as an important challenge.


A special solution has been developed and patented by SPANBETON for viaducts with a minimum of two spans. In what is called the “3P-System”, girders are not only integrated in the transverse direction, but also in the longitudinal direction. For that purpose, external tendons are used within the cross-section of precast box-girders.

Within the last three years, the following three projects were carried out using the “3P-System”:

  • viaduct over A2 near Breukelen with three spans of 44, 46 and 45m

  • viaduct over A2 near Lage Weide with two spans of 47m each

  • viaduct on A50 near Rosmalen with three spans of 35, 53 and 50m

Recently, the “Lage Weide” viaduct has been nominated for the Annual Award of the Dutch Concrete Society.

DYWIDAG is very proud of the long and successful co-operation with SPANBETON.

The development of the “3P-System” will be very important for improving traffic flow by using slender prefabricated elements for large spans in the future.


Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management), Den Haag, Netherlands

SPANBETON, Koudekerk Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands