Construction of Electrical Transmission Tower Foundations

The Nueva Esperanza Project in Colombia is a government plan in which the electrical energy supply more than 12 million Colombians in Bogotá and the Cundinamarca, Meta, Guaviare and Tolima Departments.


Within the scope of the project, the new Soacha transformer station is being built. It will be connected to the Guavio transformer station via a 230KV high-voltage line and to the Bacatá transformer station via a 500KV high-voltage line.

The Nueva Esperanza Joint Venture was awarded the contract to build the 45.5km long 500KV high-voltage line. Individual tower foundations were realized on agricultural ground for this purpose.


In order not to impair the work of the farms and to avoid possible damage to the agricultural areas, the foundations for the 9 transmission towers were built using the 50mm DYWIDAG GEWI Pile System. DYWIDAG supplied a total of 6,573m of DYWIDAG GEWI Bars and accessories for this project. The foundations were successfully executed within the determined time frame.

SupplyTechnical Support

Empresas Públicas de Medellín - EPM, Colombia

Nueva Esperanza Joint Venture, consisting of FCC Servicios Industriales y Energéticos S.A. and Ingeomega S.A., both Colombia

FCC Servicios Industriales e Ingeomega S.A., Colombia