Robotic Visual Inspection

Efficient and non-intrusive inspection of stay-cables' free length.

DYWIDAG offers robotic visual inspection services along the free length of cables, strands, wires, and other rope types of stay-cable structures. Regular inspections are an essential component of maintenance and can help ensure the structure’s longevity and structural integrity.

Robotic inspections detect possible defects with minimal traffic disturbances. This can support further selective investigation by a structural inspector in accordance with DIN 1076 if necessary. Our certified technicians use cameras on an automotive cable robot that moves along the cable sheathing to identify damages or color changes in the cable's surface. The semiautomated evaluation software offers a complete documentation and precise allocation to the centimeter.

The fast recording time and high-resolution panorama image of the cable allow for a quick inspection, even at night. Plus, there's no need for scaffolding or cranes. The unique archival storage system allows for efficient comparison of previous and current conditions. Our panorama images are perfectly aligned with the constructional situation, making it easy to zoom, move, and highlight any issues. The results are repeatable at any time, providing peace of mind to the owner. With a 200m cable, we can provide a 200m panorama picture of the entire surface (360°), so no issue goes unnoticed. The panorama images can be checked by certified inspectors or by the owner itself.

If desired, we can also undertake repair works at the same time as the robotic inspection. Other destructive and non-destructive testing methods to complement our visual inspection services are also available.

  • Automotive cable robot with cameras for fast detection of defects

  • No scaffolding or cranes required, for minimal traffic disturbance

  • Quick inspections, even at night with a fast recording time (0.1m/s – 0.5m/s) 

  • Efficient preparation for further selective investigation

  • High-resolution 360° panorama image of entire cable perfectly aligned with constructional situation, exact to the centimeter

  • Semi-automated evaluation software for complete documentation

  • Results are repeatable at any time at a PC

  • Unique archival storage system for efficient comparison


  • Other Destructive and Non-destructive testing methods possible (Link to MI and inspection within arms reach

  • Repair work parallel to the inspection work is possible

Inspection in accordance with DIN 1076 and RI-EBW-PRÜF

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