Repair of Drainage System, Installation of Cable Boots and Refilling of Caps

Cost-effective infrastructure maintenance services.

DYWIDAG’s expert team offers a range of services to help maintain the anchorage condition. A properly functioning drainage system is crucial for maintaining the lifecycle of the anchorages and preventing corrosion damage. We specialize in repairing drainage systems, installing customized cable boots, and refilling or modifying caps after an inspection. With our high-quality solutions, you can ensure that all parts exposed to oxygen and rain are protected against corrosion and your stay cable structure stays in excellent shape.

  • Repair and maintenance of the drainage system of stay cable bridge anchorages

  • Increase the lifecycle of anchorages and prevent premature failure

  • Avoid costly repairs and downtime caused by corrosion damage

  • Ensure the safety and integrity of stay cable structures for long-term use

  • Cable boots are neoprene, and connected to the structure with Cableskin® for optimal protection against corrosion

  • Refill or modify caps after inspection to prevent moisture and oxygen exposure

Qualified welder, certified by German Welding Society, guideline DVS 2212-1

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