Post-tensioning Monostrand Hoop-tendons

Cost-effective, durable solutions to strengthen circular structures, reducing risk of failure and extending lifespan.

DYWIDAG provides design, supply, and installation services to ensure that your circular structures are strengthened to the highest standards of safety and performance. Using a 0.6" greased and sheathed strand system coupled with our exclusive encapsulated twisted ring anchor, our post-tensioned monostrand hoop tendons provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.

This service is ideal for silos for grain, coal, pulp/paper, and other circular structures in North America. Additionally, our service can be used for below grade PCCP water pipes, support piers, and storage tanks, among other applications.

  • DYWIDAG designed and manufactured systems and components for a cost-effective way to strengthen circular structures

  • Reduces the risk of failure and ensures the safety of your operations

  • Encapsulated for water tightness

  • Experienced technicians to perform installation in a safe, quality and efficient manner


  • Systems can be designed in varying strand sizes and duct encapsulation options for maximum corrosion protection and to achieve desired forces

  • Cathodic protection is available in certain applications

Tank & Silos
Commercial & Residential Buildings