High Strength Reinforcing with Threadbars Systems

High-strength reinforcement systems for faster construction times, higher quality, and lower cost.

The DYWIDAG GEWI Plus (EUR) / THREADBAR® (North America) Systems offer distinct advantages in heavily reinforced structural elements where congestion between individual reinforcing bars can be problematic. Our high-strength bar systems replace conventional reinforcement in structural applications with larger size bars for less congestion and stronger reinforcement. In high-rise structures, the number of reinforcing bars within columns can be reduced. This enables easier concrete placement and allows smaller columns to be used, which results in more usable – and therefore sellable – floor space in the final structure. In addition, our high-strength reinforcement can be used in shear walls or members designed to resist lateral loading. 

The coarse and extremely robust DYWIDAG threadbars and nuts are designed for on-site use—and work, even when extremely dirty. The rolled-on thread on both sides of the hot-rolled threadbar forms the entire bar length—providing excellent connecting reinforcement on challenging job sites. DYWIDAG threadbars can also be cut, coupled and bent to standard reinforcement shape codes, providing more flexibility than common rebar lap splicing and saving time and money.

They also achieve excellent results in the end anchorage area. The anchor lengths of reinforcing bars can be reduced to a minimum plate anchorages—significantly reducing the amount of steel and concrete needed. For dynamic loadings, a swaged rebar connector coupler is available.

  • High-grade steel for demanding applications: 670/ 800 MPa (Europe), 75/80 and 100 KSI (North America)

  • Significant reduction in shipping and labor costs – use Grade 100 for up to 65% reduction in weight and over 35% labor reduction, depending on design

  • Save time and money by reducing reinforcement congestion, making concrete placement easier and decreasing material use

  • Threadbars can be as long as 60ft (18.3m) without any coupler usage

  • DYWIDAG threaded mechanical couplers are more reliable and save significant assembly time compared to rebar lap splicing and reduce congestion compared to conventional lap splicing

  • Create more usable and sellable floor space by using columns and shear walls with slender member sections thanks to the reduced reinforcement area

  • Hot rolled for superior strength and durability

  • The largest selection of couplers and anchorage accessories, including hex nuts, locknuts, and terminators, for bar sizes ranging from #6 thru #28 (19mm thru 90mm).

  • Can be used in the design of off-site prefabricated cages to reduce job-site congestion for increased safety

Main standards for steel nuances

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America: GEWI-Plus 670/800 Mpa

North America: Grade 75/80 and 100

Europe/ Asia/ Latin America : B500B steel, in accordance with DIN 488​

North America: ASTM A615

Industrial Buildings
Commercial & Residential Buildings