DYWIDAG Tunneling Mesh

For complete control of dynamic loads.

The DYWIDAG Tunneling Mesh is composed of a specific mesh and a series of connection and clipping accessories to withstand significantly higher static and dynamic loads for underground applications.

Its rhomboid mesh design ensures a good fit to all mine surfaces, thereby providing strong and quick support for underground mining activities. It also prevents the movement of mining materials while ensuring the work safety of underground mining workers.

  • 4mm high-tensile steel wire (1770 N/mm²) with a tensile strength of 190 kN/m width provides superior control of both static and dynamic loads

  • Rhomboid mesh structure ensures a good surface fit

  • Excellent corrosion and rust protection for increased longevity

  • Knotted ends at vertical edges ensures full strength of the mesh is achieved across the full width of each panel

  • Lightweight and easy to handle in confined spaces

  • Balanced stiffness for increased resistance to strain and deformation


  • Spike plates​

  • SN Bolt​

  • Connection clip​

  • Boundary rope​

  • Wire rope clip​

  • Rope anchor​

  • Pipe drill bits: from 2.0’’ to 6.0’’

Load capacity

APAC: M80/3 Tensile strength longitudinal >= 110kN/m width - M80/4 Tensile Strength longitudinal 190kN/m width