DYWIDAG Torquing Equipment Rental

Maximize spliced reinforcement performance​.

DYWIDAG offer the rental of manual torque wrenches and hydraulic impact wrenches for tightening GEWl® and GEWl® Plus anchorage elements and coupler connections. This helps minimize slippage in anchorages and threadbar connections and increase fatigue resistance. It also ensures that the GEWl® and GEWl® Plus screw parts are tensioned against each other so that the spliced bars cannot be distinguished from non-spliced bars with regards to stress-strain behavior. ​

In addition, systems for alternating loads can be developed to be deformation-resistant by tightening the connections so that a large number of load changes will not have any influence on the load-bearing behavior of the connections and anchorages. ​

DYWIDAG offers a number of wrenches that cover the complete force range. In conjunction with specially developed extension and adapter designs, these tools ensure trouble-free installation and efficient workflows. Regular inspections guarantee highest safety standards to eliminate possible risks for the operator and the environment. In our internal workshops, the equipment is regularly maintained, checked and repaired quickly and economically if needed.

  • Flexible equipment rental to help save money compared to purchasing tools​

  • Wide range of manual torque wrenches and hydraulic impact wrenches covers the complete range of forces required​

  • Specially developed extensions and adaptors available for a wide range of applications​

  • Equipment maintenance included in rental, for complete peace of mind during use​

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