The lightest stress jacks for quick and easy handling.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hollow-piston (CFRP) Cylinders are a lightweight and versatile jack, typically used for the quick tensioning and testing of bar and strand anchors. An ideal alternative to conventional steel hollow-piston cylinders, they guarantee easy, quick and efficient positioning and handling. In most cases, lifting tools are unnecessary for their transportation and assembly. ​

The hydraulic return allows for a quick retraction of the cylinder, with the new, economical, round design of 150bar in the return enabling even quicker retraction than before. The corrosion-resistant material, impact-resistant aramide cover, and integrated overflow and pressure control valve make this a robust, damage-resistant product that can withstand the rigors of site use. ​

CFRP Hollow-piston Cylinders can be used for a wide range of tensioning, maintenance, and lifting applications through the addition of a large range of accessories. We offer a number of options, including the rental of jacks and accessories, as well as repair and calibration services.

  • Lightest stressing jacks on the market, considerably reducing the risk of manual handling injuries​

  • Provides a 700-bar operating pressure, suitable for many different uses​

  • Easy, quick, and efficient handling and operation for faster construction times​

  • Wide range of applications thanks to the large range of accessories, reducing the amount of equipment required on site ​

  • Integrated overflow and pressure control valve to avoid damage in case of overpressure​

  • High-quality wiper rings at the rod protect from dirt and ensure continued operation on site​

  • Strong and durable, with superior impact protection from aramide cover ​

  • Corrosion-resistant, high-quality material and high-tech coating for superior longevity in operation​

  • Available in standard and custom sizes​

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