Investing in Local Communities

On February 23rd, representatives of the Ruda Śląska magistrate toured DYWIDAG’s 24,000 sqm headquarters in Silesia, Poland, eager to learn more about the new production facility and discuss the possibility of further cooperation.

The facility itself is a source of pride for the city, demonstrating the diverse talents and capabilities of its local labor market and adding engineering and manufacturing to a region known primarily for mining and metallurgy.

The investment and opportunities provided by the DYWIDAG facility in Ruda Śląska have been praised by the president and vice president of Ruda Śląska, along with several key members of the regional government. Having a globally known engineering and production company like DYWIDAG creating jobs in the region has added an important incentive for younger residents to pursue careers close to home and increased the area’s investment potential.

The tour featured in-depth discussions regarding DYWIDAG activities in Poland and abroad, as well as a detailed review of the current employment structure and the plan to create more jobs in the future.

What makes me most happy is the fact that DYWIDAG created about 200 new jobs in our city and has perspectives for further development. The presence of such businesses gives us hope that both the effects of the mining transformation and the pandemic will not be as painfully felt as they might seem", stated Grażyna Dziedzic, President of Ruda Śląska

DYWIDAG is honored to be a part of the Ruda Śląska community and to be investing in its journey toward a bright future. Our heritage and values have found a unique home with our Polish partners, and we look forward to expanding our cooperation in the region.

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